Fire and Smoke Curtains

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Fire and Smoke Curtains

Perimeter Fire Barrier is an assembly of specific materials along the perimeter of a floor with an hourly fire endurance rating and a non-rated exterior curtain wall to ensure continuity of the separating function of the floor assembly.

Curtain wall fire-stopping and insulation provides a critical line of defense in fire protection that has been UL/ULC tested and approved for perimeter fire containment. Our personnel are highly trained to design, develop and install slab edge and curtain wall fire-stopping materials in accordance with applicable building regulations and fire codes.

We provide selection, installation, inspection and maintenance services for a wide variety of fire resistive joint systems:

  • Construction Joints
  • Head and Foot of Wall
  • Control Joints
  • Perimeter Slab Edge
  • Slab to Slab
  • Slab to Wall
  • Curtain Wall Insulation
  • Steel Beams and Columns
  • Top and Bottom of Mechanical Shafts
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