Coring and Concrete Cutting

We offer

Coring and Concrete Cutting

We are committed to providing building owners, general contractors and subcontractors with a full- service solution for all their coring & cutting needs.


  • Coring pipes opening for sanitary, heating and air conditioning
  • Coring water supply and waste water pipes opening
  • Making openings for cable trays
  • Making penetrations for ducts, pipes and cables
  • Openings for ventilation
  • Coring holes for service entries
  • Core drilling in ceilings, walls and floors without hammering or Vibration
  • Blind holes for setting anchors or post-installed rebar
  • Manhole openings
  • Large openings for drain pipes etc.
  • Cutting and extending openings in concrete for doors and windows
  • Sawing where space is limited and access is difficult
  • Controlled demolition in renovation
  • Correcting facades, partition walls, etc.
  • Flush cutting in all positions
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