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Welcome to Hasaad Economic Construction Est.

We are the leader in (supply & apply) of quality products related to fire-stop, coring & cutting, rebaring & anchoring. We have close business relationship with world renowned manufacturers for the related products and construction chemicals.
Welcome to our

Hasaad Economic Construction Est.

Hasaad Economic Construction Est. is contracting firms in Jeddah in the field of contracting with specialization in apply and apply of fire-stop, coring and cutting, rebaring and anchoring, apply and apply of waterproofing chemicals, epoxy floor coating and construction chemicals application. The company has strength of highly skilled professionals including engineers, applicators, painters, and labors etc.

Hasaad Economic Construction Est. have a solid foundation based upon good market reputation, honest, respect, high quality, workmanship, long term client relationship, professional management, and innovation.
Safety on the work place is one of our key criteria which help us to achieve success and our commitment to maintain the highest standards of excellence.

We make it a priority to arrange refresher courses, technical training sessions, seminars and briefings to maintain and promote the knowledge of our employees in our organization.
We constantly develop and train our staff to enhance their capabilities to make use of the latest technology and best practices.

Furthermore, we continuously strive to upgrade project’s control, where initiative is recognized and results are awarded.

About us

Our Philosophy

In this business Hasaad Economic Construction Est. intends to excel by offering better than the best services. Hasaad’s aim is to create value for its client through continuous improvement in cost efficiency and uncompromising quality service.

To achieve this objective HASAAD ECONOMIC relies on the managerial and earnest workforce. It believes in continuous development of its workforce, and on increasingly lean on entrepreneurial organization.

Hasaad Economic Construction Est. is dedicated to be the preeminent specialty contracting organization in the markets it serves. This is achieved through teamwork at all levels of the organization and performance based on continuous improvement of all business processes, including estimating, sales, safety and contract execution.

The employees of Hasaad Economic Construction Est. and its subsidiaries are committed to building long-term relationships by bringing exceptional value to our customers through innovation, performance, safety and service.

To achieve a “Zero tolerance fire-stop and waterproofing installations” after analyzing and understanding the customer requirements by right system selection, materials, and installation methods to provide safety for life and property in most economical and efficient manner, meeting the project requirements and achieving our customer satisfaction.

Simply stated, our guiding principle is to treat others with whom we come in contact – our customers, colleagues, shareholders, suppliers and communities – the same way we would expect to be treated in similar circumstances.
When it comes to contract execution at Hasaad Economic Construction Est. safety is a core value.

Hasaad Economic Construction Est. strives to complete every task, and ultimately every project, with zero incidents. “Safety First” is what gets employees home at the end of a long day. And “Safety First” is what makes Hasaad Economic Construction Est. the top choice in the construction industry.

It’s great that we know each other now.

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We provide all aspects of firestop services since 2014.

Hasaad Economic Construction Est. (HARVEST) is a full-service fire-stopping contractor specializing in the application of firestop materials to restore the fire rating required at through penetrations and joint applications. We provide all aspects of firestop services to commercial, industrial and residential construction customers, and our company was founded in 2014.

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